Your first Contenticious document

Now open one file with your favourite text editor, like this:

$ mvim pages/

At the top you'll find some lines with a simple keyword and something after it. These are called meta lines and tell Contenticious about things it possibly can't find out from file names:

title: About Contenticious
navi_name: About

About Contenticious

For example the title string will go to your documents title which will most browsers show in their window top bar. The navi_name is the name of this page as it will show up in the automagically generated page navigation.

Try changing their values and refresh your browser to see what happens.

Important! Please make sure your editor uses UTF-8 encoding!

Done? Great! After the meta lines you see basically Markdown, which is a simple but powerful language. Its main goal is to provide very good readability while it can be easily converted to HTML, which is what happens here.

For example, a line with equal signs after it (=) under it will become a H1 headline in your HTML:

About Contenticious

Learn more about Markdown and edit the whole file. After a browser refresh you'll see the effect of your changes.

What's next?

Now you got a short impression of how Contenticious works. I hope you enjoyed this short tour! On the next few pages you'll learn more about

Good luck!