Customize Contenticious

It's possible to change EVERYTHING in Contenticious. But customizing it for your needs can be a smooth process. Just start with the simple parts.

Please look at the configuration file config first. It looks like this:

    pages_dir   => app->home->rel_file('pages'),
    dump_dir    => app->home->rel_file('dump'),
    name        => 'Shagadelic',
    copyright   => 'Zaphod Beeblebrox',
    cached      => 0,

As you can see, it is a Perl data structure and you can access the app shortcut for advanced hacking. I think, the most names are rather self-documenting, except cached. When set to a true value, contenticious will hold the document structure in memory to serve it faster. It's deactivated by default for development. Otherwise you would have to restart the server every time you want to view the latest version.

To change the design of Contenticious' pages, edit the styles.css file in the public directory. Since the default HTML is very clean you should be able to change a lot with css changes.

If that's still not enough, use the following command to extract all templates to a newly created templates directory:

$ ./ inflate

You'll end up with four templates and one layout template:

You can change them with Mojolicious' flexible ep template syntax. Good luck!