Digital Humanities

I work as a software developer at the Service Center for Digital Humanities of the Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster. More information will follow soon.

Former work and research: Computer Science Education

I worked as a research associate at the Computer Science Department of the WWU in the working group of Prof. Dr. Jan Vahrenhold (Efficient Algorithms and Algorithm Engineering).

As a member of the Committee on European Computing Education, a joint project of ACM Europe and Informatics Europe, I helped gathering data regarding informatics and digital literacy in European schools. I also built a collaborative map for visualization and world-wide access to this data. The results were published in a report targeting decision makers. It is available online (PDF download).

At the department I not only coordinated seminars and lectures but also worked in the informatics tutor (teaching assistants) training program KETTI. Learn more... (video)