Dancer and Dance Instructor

I used to be a competitive ballroom dancer. Now I am a Salsa and Kizomba dancer and instructor. I travel all around Europe and the world to explore and exchange ideas and share a wonderful time on the dancefloor as well as in workshops with many international salsa dancers and teachers.

With my partner Yasemin I teach Salsa New York Style on a regular basis in a wide range from beginner classes to a performance team. We are also booked for workshops on congresses, I am a Salsa DJ:

Dance schools


  • International Dance Congress Marrakech
  • International Salsa Festival Hamburg
  • Cologne Salsa Congress
  • Euro Salsa & Sensual Festival
  • Dance Gala NRW Mülheim
  • Mambolution Münster
  • Colour Up Your Sunday Salsa Social
  • XXXL Winter Gala Bielefeld
  • Mambo's Social Project Essen
  • Salsa y Mas bei U-Dance Hannover
  • Floración Social Bielefeld
  • Fowtando Bielefeld
  • Salsa de la rosa Bielefeld
  • Sunday Salsa Soiree Münster
  • Salsa & Sensual Lounge Münster
  • Mittelparty & Abschlussball HSP Münster
  • Salsa Motion Dortmund
  • Salsa Vibes Essen
  • Cuba Nova Münster
  • Social Media


    I started dancing in the late 90s and quickly moved on to competitive ballroom dancing in Die Residenz Münster. Together with my partners I danced on several regional and national championships with mixed results. ;-) We were also members of the federal state team and attended quite a few world ranking competitions.

    Pictures: Eva-Maria Sangmeister, Cliff Pereira.

    I quit ballroom dancing in late 2010 for personal reasons and immediately started dancing socially on salsa events in Münster. I also attended three classes at once, including three beginner classes in a row and started teaching after less than one year. Although it is usually not a great idea to teach that early, my experience in dancing and teaching ballroom helped me to communicate my ideas confidently.