Mirko Westermeier

Research software developer, dance instructor and 3D RC helicopter pilot with a passion for teaching.
Located in Münster, Germany.

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Public OpenPGP key: BF62F357

Digital Humanities

I work as a research software developer at the Service Center for Digital Humanities. We engage in consulting, development and education for researchers in humanities at the University of Münster.

- SCDH website


I love dancing and teaching Salsa New York Style, formerly ballroom dances. Together with my awesome partner Yasemin I support and travel to salsa events in our region, in Germany and all over the world.

- Yasemin & Mirko


I develop tiny and medium tools and libraries just to try out new technologies, for non-profit web projects, online democracy and crazy twitter bots. It’s mostly open source in GitHub:

- @memowe on GitHub