Personal Software Projects

For fun and for learning purposes, I work on several side projects. This is not meant to be an advertisement for my readers to read or use these. But it's a part of me and if you are curious, feel free to have a look. :-)

  • Contenticious (Repository) is a very simple file-system based content management system on top of the fabulous Perl web framework Mojolicious. It is able to either serve the resulting website or can generate static web content. This site is also generated by Contenticious, via Travis CI, hosted on GitHub Pages.
  • PerLisp is a statically-scoped lisp interpreter written in Perl which is able to run a dynamically-scoped lisp interpreter written in lisp which is able to run itself inside PerLisp. It also features some non-standard features, for example auto-currying (inspired by Haskell). For the German Perl magazine I wrote an article about how it could be a good idea to develop a programming language interpreter by yourself.
  • REE (Regular Expression Engine, WIP) is a simple regular expression compiler which offers some inspection. I also wrote a simple web interface for this engine for better inspection.
  • tGit (teaching/tiny/toy git, WIP) is a version control system framework similar to git, so its core is a hash-based file system. This will be used to explore advanced concepts of the version control universe, for example merging strategies.

There are various other projects not mentioned here. The most interesting would be the @koelner_dom. Information about my clerical twitter services 😄  will follow.