Mirko Westermeier

Software developer, dance instructor and 3D RC helicopter pilot with a passion for teaching. Located in Münster, Germany.

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Public OpenPGP key: 0x730E195D
Fingerprint: 55A8 9646 9B58 60AC B5BC 9661 FDD4 93C0 730E 195D

What I do

I work as a software developer at the Service Center for Digital Humanities at the University of Münster. I am also a member of the Committee on European Computing Education (ACM Europe/Informactis Europe). Read more.

I am a Salsa and Kizomba dancer and instructor. I do a lot of professional development and travel to many international congresses to improve my dancing and teaching. I teach regular local classes and give workshops on congresses and smaller events. Read more.

For fun and recreation I work on several personal software projects (Read more). I like flying RC helicopters, did half-hearted attempts to become a glider pilot and play some music. I also used to be a sailor and windsurfer. My attempt to stay in shape involves running, swimming and a gym.